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Swamp Thing 38 (July 1985)

This issue is a follow-up to one of the pre-Moore ones, but there’s never an editorial note about it. It’s interesting to see Moore’s approach to something he didn’t create, in this case a town of vampires. Only these vampires are living underwater.

Stan Woch is filling in on pencils (it’s unclear who’s the “regular” penciller at this point) and it shows how important Totleben is to the art. Swamp Thing looks the same, basically, thanks to Totleben. Woch does a good Bissette impersonation.

Besides Moore looking at the vampire settlement, there’s more Constantine character development and a little time for Abby. After promising a focus on Swamp Thing, Moore backs off, refocusing on the supporting players again.

The approach, seemingly to stagger the expository Swamp Thing information between issues, works. It also forces Swamp Thing into the more traditional role of hero.

It’s inventive, but not deep.

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  1. vernon wiley

    What really used to freak me out about Tottleben’s inks is the strange, textural, rub like thing going on in them. And wondering how exactly he produced them. Remember, this is pre comp.

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