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Age of Bronze (1998) #2


Well, Shanower took a lot less time to get to the revelation than I thought… turns out Paris is a prince of Troy. That scene, the one where Paris gives up his old life for his new (he really doesn’t have a say as it turns out), is rather awkward. This issue features Kassandra going nuts for two pages and screaming at everyone and that scene plays a lot cleaner.

Shanower’s got no subtly yet. The series, will very well executed, feels like an educational exercise. He’s so worried about getting all the information into the book, he isn’t finding any reality to the characters. Except Paris’s adoptive father. Everyone else feels artificial.

It’s also hard to tell what one’s supposed to think of Troy. The city doesn’t have a personality outside the royalty.

These are early complaints, but Shanower is moving at a perhaps too brisk pace.

We’ll see….

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