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Age of Bronze (1998) #1


Shanower sets up Age of Bronze somewhat traditionally in the heroic sense. The protagonist, Paris, is secretly—or so it’s implied—of higher birth than his farmer parents. He’s bored of life as a cattle farmer and when the king’s men come to take away a prized bull, he sees the situation as wrong. So he sets out to do something about it.

Besides great art—the second page has this amazing shot of the cattle and Paris walking—Shanower brings a great deal of humor to it. Paris is the impetuous youth, running into a situation against all warning. Shanower doesn’t tell the story entirely from his perspective, so the reader is able to get a better view of the character.

The ending is a little abrupt; Shanower’s going from something cinematographic, but it doesn’t come off. It’s fine, just abrupt.

The sex scene, however, is bad. It’s creepy.

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