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Guns of the Dragon (1998) #1


It would be nice if Truman could draw better figures. The first three pages of this issue are excellent, with Truman establishing the 1920s China setting. He even gets through one page with figures on it and then it all comes apart.

He gets looser and looser with faces and anatomy.

It’s particularly unfortunate because the first issue of Guns of the Dragon is otherwise excellent. Bat Lash, Enemy Ace and “Biff” Bradley (Slam must have gotten seasick) are helping the Chinese against the Japanese… wait for it… by finding Dinosaur Island.

Truman brings the seemingly disconnected elements together well. His approach shows not just an affection for the characters, but for the time period as well. There’s a lot of enthusiasm and it works.

He writes a particular good Bat Lash–some great dialogue–making him the group’s leader.

Guns of the Dragon is off to a fine start.

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