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Supergirl Annual (2009) #1


Dagnino’s art isn’t bad–in fact it’s good a lot of the time–but why does he draw Lana Lang like she’s about thirteen years old? She looks the same age as Kara or younger.

Gates tries to come up with an affecting story but it’s pretty pat. Supergirl foils a bank robbery and inadvertently outs some Kryptonians living on Earth.

The most striking thing about the story is how weak the Kryptonian’s argument is when she’s berating Supergirl. It’s a competently told, but utterly pointless tale. Dagnino’s handling of the bank robbery has some great panels though.

Then there’s Lucy Lane’s origin story. Gates writes it from her perspective, so it’s interesting to see him try to make an evil narrator compelling. He fails. It’s way too clear she’s a nutjob throughout. Again, Dagnino’s artwork is fine (Lucy doesn’t look thirteen).

Regardless, the issue is a waste of time.

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