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Guns of the Dragon (1998) #2


Truman’s art remains frustrating–especially this issue when he’s got this great comic strip-like sequence, but there’s just not enough detail to the work. Other panels are fine, like he hurried some, took a minute more with the rest.

Still, Guns of the Dragon retains its significant charm. It opens with a double homage, first to King Kong, then to The Land That Time Forgot, as Truman dumps his cast on Dinosaur Island. It’s an all-action issue after the opening featuring Vandal Savage, who might be on the side of good. It turns out the cast’s employers aren’t the good guys in China either.

Truman does well briefly showing the complex political situation.

So he has a bunch of action with the dinosaurs–and Bat Lash and Enemy Ace teamed up, which provides some humor. It’s a fast read, fast issue.

But the story’s strong and rewarding… enough.

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  1. Where the sam hill did you pull this one out of?

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