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Phonogram: The Singles Club (2008) #5


Here we get the story of another depressed girl–she opens the issue cutting herself–and she tells most of her story in quotes from songs. While it’s admirable how much work Gillen put into finding those quotes and making them work in the narration, it’s not good writing. His first person narrator is talking directly to the reader, which makes absolutely no sense but he also can’t pull it off.

It doesn’t help the story is generally bad too. She’s a boring caricature. At least his other caricatures so far in Singles Club have been sensational.

It feels a little like Gillen’s running out of enthusiasm for the series overall. This issue has only one backup story, illustrated by Boultwood. Gillen concentrates on funny lines, which is fine for a backup, but Boultwood’s style doesn’t lend itself to sight gags.

The main story doesn’t even have a satisfying conclusion.

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