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Phonogram (2006) #5


Wait, this whole musical movement they’re talking about in Phonogram is Oasis? Those guys who were bigger than the Beatles, so they proclaimed, and then they disappeared in like two years? I remember them being awful too.

This issue might be the best of the series–like the last issue, it approaches being a reasonable comic book. Instead of Gillen spewing his music snobbery and cultural elitism (over Oasis), he’s got a story. It’s a little mystery, it’s a little quest, it works.

Having a totally unlikable protagonist is something of a problem, but not too much. There isn’t a single person of any redeeming quality in Phonogram and the protagonist is far from the worst.

I’m glad I stuck with it; not because I think Gillen will have a single honest moment, but it’s interesting to see him just write a weak Image comic and not something utterly dreadful.

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  1. While Oasis may not be the “best” English rock band since the Beatles, “What’s the Story, Morning Glory?”, is EASILY one of the better rock and roll albums of it’s genre. Haven’t read any of Gillen’s stuff for Marvel, but it’s cool you took the time to check it out. He takes a different approach for vol. 2, but forces himself to write individual issues featuring different members of his cast, so it might intrigue you.

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