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Tom Strong (1999) #5


The backup this issue is from Jerry Ordway, so the art’s good. It’s not really a backup, it’s more an aside to give the reader some more information. But Moore and Ordway present it as a fifties or sixties sci-fi comic, albeit with better dialogue.

Tom Strong gives Moore a nice opportunity to do revisionist Golden Age and Silver Age stories (presumably the point) while still keeping modern. It’s impressive how, in this single issue, he’s able to introduce a villain, go through the history with the villain, and then give him a sendoff.

Moore didn’t do a lot of superhero books, but Tom Strong shows he definitely would be able to do them if he wanted.

The issue’s set in Pangea (or is it on Pangea?), giving Sprouse a prehistoric wasteland to illustrate. He’s got some beautiful visuals.

Again, not a deep, thoughtful issue; but a good one.

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