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Hotwire: Deep Cut (2010) #3


But first, I want to talk about the art a little.

Pugh has some really stunning panels this issue, even better than usual. There’s a lot of action and it’s all very well executed, but there are these occasional, amazing panels. It’s like he knew he didn’t have enough space and used particular panels to slow down the reader’s pace.

Because he doesn’t have enough space, Pugh does something rather annoying. He changes the point of view towards the end of the issue. Alice starts narrating about six pages from the end. It’s understandable why he does it (as the issue progresses, it becomes increasingly clear he needed either another issue or another ten pages) and it’s a solution. It’s not a particularly good one.

Luckily, Alice is such a strong character it’d be hard to go wrong; Pugh doesn’t.

It’s cramped, but lovely.

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