Charlie Franks is the King of Rock and Roll in JUST ABOUT FAMOUS, directed by Jason Kovacsev and Matt Mamula for Blue Collar Films.

Just About Famous (2010, Jason Kovacsev and Matt Mamula)

Just About Famous is about celebrity impersonators, but not really “about” them. The closest the viewer gets to any revealing look is with the Dame Edna impersonator, Scott Mason, who lets the film crew in when he’s getting ready. His buddy, Bettina Williams’s Whoopi Goldberg impersonator, constantly gives the impression of the actual Goldberg pulling a gag.

We do get to see some of Charlie Franks’s Elvis behind the scenes, but Elvis impersonators are somewhat old hat. The Bush and Clinton impersonators are more interesting, especially when they imply they just happened to meet in line to board an airline.

Famous feels like a brief, well-edited travelogue to the convention these impersonators are attending, not an actual thoughtful piece.

It opens with Joe Manuella’s DeNiro (he inhabits the persona) and ends with the Patsy Gilbert’s Palin. Gilbert nails the satanic vibe, giving Famous a shudder for the fade out.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Jason Kovacsev and Matt Mamula; directors of photography, Jared Hess, Mamula and John Schaub; edited by Kovacsev, Mamula and Schaub; produced by Hess, Kovacsev, Mamula and Schaub; released by Blue Collar Films.

Starring Charlie Franks (Elvis), Scott Mason (Dame Edna), Athena Jherebilovska (Briteny Spears), Bettina Williams (Whoopi Goldberg), Carol Woodle (Oprah), Dan Schneid (Dr. Phil), Daniel Dzialo (Rod Stewart), Donna Maxon (Bette Midler), David Born (Robin Williams), Gary Alan (Jay Leno), Joe Manuella (Robert DeNiro), John Morgan (George W. Bush), Kevin Gilger (Dog the Bounty Hunter), Lana Ulitskaya (Kelly Clarkson), Michael Bryant (Barack Obama), Patsy Gilbert (Sarah Palin), Dale Leigh (Bill Clinton), Richard Hampton (Kenny Rogers), John Allen (James Bond), Shaun Friedrichs (John Lennon), Tim Biancalana (John Lennon) and Robert Frey, Holly Hermann and Greg Thompson (themselves).


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