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Acme Novelty Library (1993) #1


Wow, what an exceptionally depressing piece of work.

Ware has little Jimmy Corrigan stories and bigger ones. The bigger ones tend to be more affecting. There’s a Big Tex story in here too and it’s the closest thing to played for laughs Acme Novelty Library gets.

Having heard about it for years, but not read it, I did not know what to expect. I certainly wasn’t reading for this depressing story about a kid and his mother—abandoned by the father—who then grows up to be a recluse. What’s so affecting is the breaks Ware takes in Jimmy’s timeline.

At some point, he’s with a woman. We don’t get to see any of it. Then there’s the longer story where he grows up, losing his childhood and not even realizing it.

Ware’s artwork is precious, but he also retains a deep dreariness.

It’s great; it’s just a complete downer.

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