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Hawkeye & Mockingbird (2010) #6


And here’s where the Lopezes just can’t hack it.

The issue is all about Clint’s angst. And Jessica Drew coming on to him a little. But mostly it’s about his angst. The Lopezes drawing an angst-ridden Clint bellyflops. It’s not their style (Javier Pulido, Cliff Chiang, Cameron Stewart all could have done it). It’s like they just don’t get it.

It’s so bad it’s impossible to even take the script seriously. McCann never should have given them this issue to illustrate.

The Mockingbird stuff is a little better because she’s at least in action sequences. What McCann hasn’t done this entire series is justify her behavior (she’s now embracing what she disavowed a couple issues before) and recasting her as a Black Widow clone just doesn’t work.

Her outfit’s too silly for one thing. For another, she doesn’t have the personality.

It’s a decent series, but very disappointing overall.

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