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The Invincible Iron Man (2008) #26


Fraction kind of skips over the craziest part of his Iron Man revamp–the liquid metal to the suit is stored in Tony’s bones. It’s a trippy, sort of non-Iron Man idea. Iron Man used to be a guy in a suit; Fraction’s turned him into something else entirely. It’s a great move.

This issue introduces the costumed villain of the storyline–Spymaster–and ties him to the Hammer girls. Or one of them, anyway. There’s also a subplot with them selling Stark weapons to terrorists.

Fraction packs the issue, getting in some great Tony stuff. There’s a lengthy monologue about Tony at the Playboy Mansion (comics are for kids!) and it closes with a little bit about Pepper. She’s not in the issue itself… but Fraction’s keeping her present, weighing on Tony’s mind.

Actually, for all the new Iron Man armor flash, Fraction’s much more interested in Tony.

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  1. Oh yeah, it’s definitely Tony Stark’s book. Doesn’t hurt for it, though my customers would like to see a little more Iron Man trashing the shit out of stuff.
    Larocca, while not a talking heads artist, is still perfect for the books overall hi tech look and great designs that give a convincing feel to all the mechanisms shown. Fraction does great when given space. Look up the annual from this period, and it features a great, lenghty Mandarin story that is completely(?) absent of Stark or Iron Man. Tough stuff.

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