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Hawkeye & Mockingbird (2010) #2


Wow, what a harsh ending.

McCann builds to it rather well, avoiding easy tension-building and getting a real surprise on the last two pages.

It’s a good issue, but it does have one major issue—with the Lopezes’ art, it feels like a bunch of overgrown kids. There’s a lot of masks off talking here and no one looks old enough to be driving, much less in their thirties.

And I guess I’m a little surprised Mockingbird carries around a cellphone. Even more surprised she doesn’t have it turned on vibrate when she and Dominic Fortune are off on a case.

Fortune’s an interesting addition to the series (this issue, he’s practically around more than Clint). McCann has got a little foreshadowing here and I hope it’s just a red herring and he doesn’t go predictable.

It’s a good issue; it certainly gets the reader anticipating the next one.

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