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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #156


Well, Gray inking Sook on Witch’s Son—at least at this stage of Sook’s career—produces a far better result than Sook inking himself. It still looks very Mignola, but there’s a lot more fluidity to the characters. As for Allie’s script? It’s competent in terms of dialogue, but the content is fairly weak. Witches, demons, yada yada yada.

Warner and Brunner—Brunner can draw (he’s a terrible writer though, good thing Warner’s here… sort of)—do a story about a hit man who dresses like a clown. Even drives a little car. It’s not bad, it’s not good. It passes the pages pretty well and there are some nice panels.

Chuah Ghee Hin has a very confusing story about dragons. His artwork is gorgeous, however; it’s almost a mix of cartooning and etching. He can’t really draw action (the etching), but there’s a lot of charm to it overall.

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