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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #157


The final issue of Dark Horse Presents doesn’t even note it on the cover. On either cover actually. If it weren’t for The Goon, one might say the series just trailed off. Luckily, it does have The Goon.

That statement is not to suggest The Goon is fantastic. It might be only my second ever Goon comic. Powell’s art is nice and his writing is fun in a very mean-spirited way. I thought the series was about zombies, but here it’s just The Goon and Franky bullying people (not even sure Franky gets named in the story). Well, bullying fish. Still, it’s big and it’s different and distinctive.

Without it, Presents would go out on Witch’s Son. In this installment, Allie seems to be setting up a new superhero. Sook gets assists from Moline and Owens inks them both. The art becomes indistinct. It’s not terrible, but somewhat lame.

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