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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #151


Mignola’s Hellboy is inexplicably pointless. Hellboy’s sort of the main character, but it’s really this secret group of people out to… kill him? Study him? Mignola never specifies and it makes the ending flop. The first part is decent—it is nice how Mignola works out a three-act structure even in eight pages or whatever—but it quickly descends into pointlessness.

Then there’s Armstrong and Doc Thunder. Now, Armstrong’s name seems a little familiar so I’m wondering if he’s become someone. Here, he’s doing a really bad Kirby homage. Armstrong can almost do the buildings and city skyline, but when it comes to characters his artwork is terrible. As for the writing… it fails to make an impression. Once it’s clear he’s going for Kirby-esque, the art’s failings command ones attention.

Finally, Von Sholly does a fumetti mixing King Kong and The Most Dangerous Game with Nazis. It’s fairly awful.

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