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Supergirl (2005) #38


Some revelations this issue. Well, for me anyway. First, Superwoman works for Thunderbolt Ross (sorry, Sam Lane–again, who ever said Johns’s Superman: Secret Origin was better in terms of continuity revising than Byrne’s Man of Steel? Not me). Second, she’s not Kryptonian. Do these revelations have anything do with Supergirl? I mean, the book’s called Supergirl. Maybe. I’m sure they’ll play out in action scenes anyway.

Otherwise, there’s not much Supergirl here. Superwoman kicks her butt and Kara crawls home to Lana, one of those nice relationships I wanted to see more of but don’t get to because of the New Krypton stuff. Gates is good at those scenes. He’s also good at the stuff with Agent Liberty’s death and Lucy Lane (maybe the series should just be called, Superman’s Women) and the Metropolis detective.

Some very nice Igle art–and from Clark on the backup.

It’s nearly fine.

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