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Supergirl (2005) #39


This issue is a very fast read. It’s solid, because it should be a fast read–it starts with Superwoman revealed to be a villain and continues to get Supergirl up to speed on that point.

Gates manages to get in some decent moments. The way he establishes Lucy Lane isn’t particularly bad, just a jerk. He also gets in a nice scene with Kara and Lana. The series really needs a breather issue where Gates isn’t forced to spend half his time on crossover obligations.

It’s clear Gates hasn’t set the series up to run independently yet.

Caldwell fills in for Igle on a few pages–not special pages, just a few pages at the end of the issue. Their styles don’t match at all. Igle has a fluidity and roundness to his lines, Caldwell is sharp and jagged.

Supergirl shows potential, even with New Krypton weighing it down.

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