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Supergirl (2005) #37


This issue’s a little bit better. There’s a lot of down time with Supergirl (why she wears make-up, I’m not sure–it’s a big Gates is a guy writing a female character moment) hanging out with Superwoman. The development of Supergirl being her mother’s pawn is a little weak and Gates doesn’t spend any time trying to give Alura any depth.

It must be a DC editorial directive to have lame Superman villains.

There’s a lot of nice stuff in the issue, mostly because Igle gets how to balance the superhero comic. Supergirl hanging out at the sun, flying through the city with Superwoman, it all looks fantastic.

I’m sure some of the problem is I haven’t read the crossovers (it reminds so much of the nineties it’s a little scary); I don’t understand the existing character relationships.

But it’s decent. Gates writes good dialogue for his real characters.

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  1. As much as I enjoy Gates and Igle on this book, the lame crossover Kypton story really hurts any momentum a book can develop. The fact that Krypton turned into a big clusterfuck at the end didn’t help the surviving books I believe by turning off readers that just wanted to read about Supergirl (crossover hangover, I call it.). This book, survives in my humble opinion merely because you BELIEVE Gates & Igle are about creating a good book. The Bizarro storyline after this is quite decent and I think you’ll have better luck when you get to that point.

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