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Supergirl (2005) #36


Ah, so it’s Supergirl’s mother who’s a psycho nut… Interesting choice.

There’s some very nice Igle art this issue. He’s got a lot to do here–battle scenes, talking heads scenes, a memorial service. He does fine work. Maybe a little fast on Supergirl’s father dying, but still… nice work.

As for the writing, Gates is constrained. He’s writing a big crossover event installment. He’s got to get the plot from point A to point B so the next guy can pick it up (I’m safe saying guy because I’m talking about Superman comics).

Turning Supergirl’s mother into a one dimensional villain isn’t outlandish, because the character was a one dimensional bitch last issue. Not much of a push.

I started reading Gates’s Supergirl because I’d heard good things. If I hadn’t, this issue might have made me give up–this New Krypton stuff reads like a bad nineties crossover.

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