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Supergirl (2005) #35


Did anyone complain about Cat Grant being revised into a mean-spirited harpy? I mean, she’s the villain of this series. Well, maybe her and Supergirl’s parents. I’m not sure if Gates is going for it, but it’s very difficult to assume they’re benevolent.

Being a New Krypton crossover, Gates has some goofy stuff in a few parts of the issue (Lois’s evil dad and his sidekicks), but he manages it well. The issue focuses on the restoration of Kara’s memory–along with a cameo from The Terminator–and it gives him some good scenes between her and her parents. Assuming, of course, they’re not really evil.

The pacing isn’t great, however. Gates doesn’t get to spend all that much time with his protagonist and the supporting cast is barely present.

Nice work from Igle as well. He does a great job at humanizing Supergirl, giving her vulnerability.

It’s solid.

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