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The Invincible Iron Man (2008) #31


And Fraction even takes it further… the Air Force guy agreeing to an attack endangering the American citizens he’s sworn to protect. Love it.

The issue’s pacing is a little off though. It’s a lot of corporate sabotage, Iron Man style, and it seems more like Fraction is using it to set up for a big finish. The problem is how little actually gets established here. Fraction’s putting off dealing with lots of things (Pepper and Tony, for one), but he’s also forgotten a lot of things.

Rhodey, so important a few issues ago, is absent here. So is any discussion of Tony’s memory loss. This issue is no different than one about Tony losing all his money and rebuilding. Fraction’s usually keeps all his balls in the air; it’s a bit of a surprise.

Big Iron Man II reference too. Wish the editorial mandate on those inclusions was public.

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