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The Invincible Iron Man (2008) #30


Okay, it’s not all Android users who are military industrial complex pawns, just some of them. Fraction gives the issue a great cliffhanger, just because he starts building to it about five pages before the end. But it’s a fast-paced lead-up, lending more and more to Invincible‘s movie ties.

Though, I imagine basically introducing “Lady Whiplash” also ties it to the second movie (though this issue came out long after the movie).

Fraction finally gets in an action scene, but it’s not quite a pay-off action scene. Pepper runs off to help Tony and doesn’t get to do anything once she arrives. But Fraction gets in a great face-off between Tony and the Hammer daughter.

One has to be impressed how incredibly anti-military (generals and regular soldiers are corrupt alike) Fraction gets. You’d think he’d be worried about alienating readers.

It’s an excellent action issue.

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