Strange Science Fantasy 5 (November 2010)

Morse unfortunately does not arrest Strange Science Fantasy’s decline this issue. In fact, the previous issue’s problems just compound here.

Morse has a hero again—this time it’s a Mr. Fantastic-type; an accident of science turns a boxer into an elastic man. He uses his power to beat up those who wronged him, then he unknowingly saves someone but still ends up hounded by the law.

Lots of full page panels here, once again they do not work for Morse’s storytelling. But what’s really wrong this issue is the lack of thought. Morse has a small event and he… no pun intended… stretches it out.

He’s got characters, but no character development. Without dialogue, it might not even be possible.

The visuals are okay, nothing exciting. Doing a Plastic Man riff is not the best use of the title.

Even Pope’s static pin-up shows complete lack of interest.


The Foolish Fling; writer, artist and letterer, Scott Morse. Rusty; writer, artist and letterer, Paul Pope. Colorist, Morse; editor, Bob Schreck; publisher, IDW Publishing.

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