Dark Horse Presents (1986) #106


Okay, so Wray did have something to do with “Ren & Stimpy.” Otherwise, it’d be a little too coincidental. He does the art on Big Blown Baby (Fleming scripts). Great art, very detailed, very fluid. Too bad Fleming’s script is just a mediocre absurdist comedy thing. It’s amazing how many of these poorly written, obscenity-laden strips Dark Horse felt the need to publish.

Very nice One Trick installment, with Pope stranding protagonist Tubby in the middle of nowhere. The story’s a neo-noir, maybe the most inventive ever. Pope paces the installment slowly, more cinematically than the rest of it. I sometimes forget how good Pope is with narrative structure. He really works hard at it.

Then it’s Ed Brubaker writing a Godzilla. More, it’s Brubaker writing a comedic Godzilla strip. Cooper’s art is fun, the story’s inventive. It’s amazing how much better it is than Baby. See, writing helps.


  1. Vernon Wiley

    I can’t remember this specific issue, but I certainly remember the Dark Horse mini series with Big Blown baby and loving it. Perhaps it was Fleming’s scripting that was in the way on this story. I don’t know if Wray had help with scripts on the Mini, but it was first class disgusting fun all the way. His crew also did a great job on the stories collected in the Dark Horse Hellboy Jr. trade.
    I think disgusting humor stories may or may not need to have much in the way of a coherent script, they just need to keep the laughs fast and furious. Wray is a modern master, and his art speaks for itself.

    1. Andrew

      There’s one page in Big Blown Baby where it’s a single panel with a bunch of dialogue balloons and you just have to read and read and read and the joke’s not funny. It’s not fast enough (plus, there are a ton of characters for an eight page strip).

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