The Damned: Prodigal Sons (2008) #2


And here’s where The Damned falls apart. The entire first series, it was implied if not directly stated people knew the demons lived among them. This issue establishes people do not. Only a select few (namely, all the humans in the first series). Why they don’t tell other people? Bunn doesn’t explain.

This issue is full of action. It’s so full of action, it’s the first time I’ve seen Hurtt get a little light on the facial details. The entire issue feels perfunctory, like Bunn and Hurtt agreed to do Prodigal Sons then realized they didn’t want to do it anymore.

What’s so funny about the issue is how little happens. Eddie travels the underworld or wherever while Morgan fights demons. Morgan doesn’t do anything else, doesn’t get a character, he just fights demons.

I remember this series being a real disappointment, but I’d forgotten just how much of one.

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  1. They definetely should of left this one off the boards. Sometimes an initial cooperation between writer and artist kicks off wonderfully, as in the case of the first series. For whatever reason, all the essential elements of the first are missing here, but thankfully Bunn and Hurtt are able to salvage the great chemistry in Sixth Gun. It also seem as if they’ve left mainstream companies off their radar- or was it the other way around? While I watch this great new series get a smidgeon of respect from those customers in my shop that look harder for the better efforts- I wonder if perhaps this might have a bigger following had Vertigo picked up on this and given it a larger spotlight. Perhaps not. In this day of lesser returns and diminished clarity among the big two, can smaller outfits like Oni place among the “big guns” for more sales respectability? As good as the Sixth Gun is, I’m not sure they could tranlate it into a media crossover. Enjoy it while you can, as I have SO many indie efforts over the decades…

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