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The Damned: Prodigal Sons (2008) #3


Bunn and Hurtt finish up The Damned here (for now). Apparently, Prodigal Sons was nothing but a bridging series to the next storyline, where the demons are at war once more. This series, in some ways, serves its goals—it introduces Eddie’s brother, it introduces Eddie’s parents, it explores the underworld.

It’s also a complete and utter waste of time. This issue, in particular, is pointless. It’s action scenes punctuated with hints at some further secret, undoubtedly to be revealed in a subsequent series.

The problem’s Bunn’s handling of such an inconsequential followup. Instead of just doing a nice standalone sequel, he brings in all sorts of contrived elements. I mean, the demon girl is scary—but where’s her mom? Where are the other demon girls? And how interesting is the story behind Morgan’s tattoos?

These questions may go forever unanswered, but Prodigal Sons doesn’t make me care about them.

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