The Damned 5 (February 2007)

Bunn brings Damned to a predictable, yet still unpredictable conclusion. The main story about the mob war ends predictably… but there’s a lot unexpected elements here. One’s a new story thread introduced, another’s a conclusion for a character—both have to do with how little Bunn has actually revealed about his protagonist.

Unfortunately, the ending is a little unfinished. Neither reveal is as effective as it could be. One needs more time, one needs less.

Otherwise, it’s a fantastic issue. Bunn plots it with a nice mix of investigation, action and wrap-up so Hurtt gets to draw a variety of styles. There’s some great demon mobster stuff (they never go crazy with the demon fighting though, which surprised me), but also a fine talking heads conclusion.

One of the best things about The Damned is how Bunn just presents the ground situation, never explains it.

It’s an excellent series.


Writers, Brian Hurtt and Cullen Bunn; artist and letterer, Hurtt; editor, Randal C. Jarrell; publisher, Oni Press.