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Green Hornet (2010) #10


Smith finally figures out how to pace a comic book. It’s a shame he does it for his last issue.

There’s a lot more Smith-type humor in this issue, which both works and doesn’t. As for his revelation Mulan is a lesbian….

It opens up certain possibilities but closes off a bunch of other ones. He also does it at the very end of the issue so he can turn it into a joke instead of having to deal with it. Given he just got done having the original Kato (oh, yeah, he survived… no explanation) avenge the original Hornet, one would assume Smith would want to establish a strong relationship between the characters.

But no, he just turns it into a joke.

What’s worse, he finally got chemistry between the characters (he was being too clean before).

It’s a harmless series. It might even develop into something good.

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