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Green Hornet (2010) #5


It’s interesting Smith made the villains the Japanese, which makes the comic seem dated… even if it takes place in the future. Smith’s never made the time period work.

This issue is–except the villain reveal–an all action issue. It shows off the Black Beauty’s technology (for those unaware, the Black Beauty is the Green Hornet’s car)–it can go faster than a rocket and it has a huge magnet for sucking the guns out of bad guys’ hands. And nose piercings. Though I swear the nose piercing thing is from something else.

As an all action issue, it’s weak. Smith does a fight scene, a chase scene, another chase scene, a fight scene. In between Kato (Mulan) explains to Britt how the Green Hornet works and doesn’t work. The characters have zero chemistry, mostly because Kato talks in declarative statements.

Smith doesn’t even plug his latest plot hole.

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  1. I didn’t have problems with the art on this comic, it seems good enough to get through a Green Hornet movie tie in prudently. You’re right about the utter lack of chemistry between GH and Kato, though. Here you have a great opportunity to work out a conflicting partnership, with sexy male and female characters no less, and it’s reduced to this humdrum, by the numbers narrative schlock. Definitely a missed opportunity there. And only a real ass hat would name his kid Britt if he were already named that.

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