The Immortal Iron Fist Annual 1 (November 2007)

Are there really enough Howard Chaykin fans out there to make getting him to fill in desirable? His work has gotten so shoddy over the last ten years, it’s stunning.

But even with Chaykin on the modern stuff, this issue is just fantastic. It’s very hopeful and glorious–Brubaker and Fraction reveal Orson Randall had a whole gang of adventurers with him and they had adventure after adventure. Iron Fist as a pulp hero, with a good measure of Indiana Jones thrown in.

Brereton and Djurdjevic do the flashback material; they work well, the painted finishes giving the adventures a nostalgic feel.

There’s very little about Danny Rand here, even though the story follows him to Orson’s now aged sidekicks at their retreat. He does have one action sequence–Chaykin manages to get some energy into that scene at least–but really he’s just listening to Orson’s adventures.

Lovely issue.


Men of a Certain Deadly Persuasion; writers, Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction; artists and colorists, Howard Chaykin, Dan Brereton and Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic; letterer, Artmonkeys Studios; editors, Alejandro Arbona and Warren Simons; publisher, Marvel Comics.