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Git Along, Little Dogies (2010, Kate Lain)

A scene from GIT ALONG, LITTLE DOGIES, directed by Kate Lain.

Get Along, Little Dogies is Lain’s rumination about accepted as a tomboy growing up to being expected to be girly as a teenager and woman, all because she grew a pair of breasts.

Unfortunately, Lain doesn’t speak for herself—she lets narrator Simon Dixon talk over all the footage. The film mixes Lain and other actors in front of rear projection screens or on a darkened stage and stock footage. Actually, some of the footage appears to be copyrighted entertainment news footage; more power to her for using it.

Dixon is fine as a narrator, he’s funny and he makes the narrative move. But the narrative isn’t compelling, something Lain (finally speaking) and Dixon eventually bicker about.

That bickering is the liveliest the film ever gets. Lain’s theoretically ambitious, but not practically; Dogies needs something to make it singular.

Without any defining characteristics, it’s just an unremarkable essay economically filmed.

1/3Not Recommended


Written, directed, edited and produced by Kate Lain; director of photography, Andrew Sobey.

Starring Kate Lain (The Protagonist) and narrated by Simon Dixon.


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