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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #17


Roachmill is the quality level I expected the entire time from Dark Horse Presents, only it’s coming in the seventeenth issue. The art from Hedden and McWeeney is lovely stuff–reminds of Eisner in black and white. There’s a lot of work put into this issue. They aren’t inking with Bics here.

The writing is sort of good. You’re not reading Roachmill for the writing, you’re reading it for the art and the decent enough writing is just a bonus. Their problem is the protagonist, Roachmill, is the weakest character in the comic.

The character, if they gave him enough page time, would be a Dirty Harry of the future… well, with some added future concepts (apparently, it’s okay to exterminate any sentient aliens in the future).

Hedden and McWeeney do come up with a solid surprise for the ending.

Only other thing–the roach arms on Roachmill? Very gross.

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