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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #8


I can’t believe I missed Concrete–well, actually, I can, given Vitruvian Man is in here, but I can’t believe I was “looking forward” to it. This issue’s story is… it’s hard to describe. Chadwick’s writing is kind of like if you took “Seinfeld” and made the characters care about other people’s feelings. This time, Concrete mouths off to some crappy little kids then gets so upset he has to apologize. Big whoop.

Chadwick’s art’s a little lazy here, so there’s not even that benefit.

Vitruvian Man is about an annoying jerk becoming superhuman. It’s of some note because the protagonist’s sister is deaf and Mattsson’s trying to convey that detail without ever specifically saying it. It’s lame, but it moves and the artwork from Badger and Nichols isn’t bad.

Roma, on the other hand, is lame and doesn’t move. Workman’s hit a wall on his Love and Rockets “homage.”

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