Dark Horse Presents (1986) #7


I never thought I’d miss Concrete so much.

I guess Tony Salmons’s Monq is the best thing this issue. It’s a really dumb environment story, but the art’s interesting if not competent. Some of the writing is really bad, especially the conclusion, which literalizes the otherwise existential story.

Mattsson writes two crappy stories this issue.

First is The Vitruvian Man, with Mark Badger art. There are a couple good panels and it’s decent overall. Shame the story turns out to be some kind of xenophobic rambling. It’s easily one of the worst scripts I’ve read so far in Dark Horse Presents, just because it’s lazy. No effort at all. The other bad writing at least has integrity.

Doc Abtruse closes the issue. It’s probably a little better written than Vitruvian Man, but Mattsson’s still weak. The strip seems to be included to waste the reader’s time, which it certainly does.

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