Dark Horse Presents (1986) #9


I’m trying to think of how much more lame Mattsson’s writing could be on Vitruvian Man. I guess it’s paced well. I mean, it does indeed have a bit of content. Mattsson writes atrocious narration–it’s kind of like if Batman were an egotist moron surfer dude (with a deaf sister–Mattsson loves putting that detail in neon here). Nichols’s indie-minded artwork doesn’t fit the writing, but it isn’t bad art, just rough.

Workman’s apparently totally run out of ideas for Roma, not just in terms of creating Love and Rockets stories of his own, but also in terms of writing. This issue’s story is a conversation and some very poorly conveyed action. Maybe it’s supposed to be experimental, but it’s not getting good results.

Salmons contributes a thoughtful little alien planet story. It’s hard to read because of his art, but the best easily thing in the issue.

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