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Air (2008) #1


Air tries pretty hard to get its quirk on. The book’s a fine read, but hardly monumental. Vertigo has put out series just as wacky its entire history as an imprint–I’m thinking of Gerber’s Nevada.

The problem is the Wilson is loading up the quirks at the beginning to generate interest. Maybe the Neil Gaiman blurb comparing it to Pynchon is where I’m having my issue–if all Pynchon does is have conspiracies and quirks, then sure, Air is like Pynchon. But if you think all Pynchon does is have conspiracies and quirks, I really wouldn’t take your recommendation.

But it’s hard to read that blurb and then not see Wilson as trying to make something fit into that “genre.”

It’s a very full first issue though, some nice narrative moves and is definitely worth continuing.

Perker’s art is okay. For every good panel, he has a bland one.

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