Air (2008) #2


The second issue of Air works a lot better than the first. There’s the terribly overwritten letter the protagonist’s boyfriend writes her and it had me mildly upset, but it only lasted about a page.

Instead of forcing the reader to be interested by making things quirky, Wilson is letting the situations she writes engender enthusiasm and imagination. The ending is full of potential, overcoming the silliest thing in the comic (the villain from the first issue surviving a plain crash and becoming Two-Face’s clone).

The pacing is an odd mix of too fast and too slow (there’s only sort of enough plot for an issue, but the way Wilson races through it, the reader doesn’t get a chance to appreciate anything). There are things of interest around–Perker creates a distracting world–but Wilson is too focused on her plot.

Hopefully, the balance between art and text improves.

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