Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier (2010) #3


One issue? Brubaker has Steve Rogers be “puny” for one issue? He reveals even a “puny” Steve Rogers can still kick ass and he only lets him be in that condition for one issue?

What a cop-out.

Oh, and before I get to Eaglesham, what’s up with the holographic shield? Is it one of Steve Rogers’s powers in his new outfit–does he even have a superhero name–or is it just, you know, a metaphoric holographic shield blocking bullets and such? Does Bucky know about it?

Lots of questions raised, none about the story, which is fine enough. The pacing is crap, but the first two issues had better than expected pacing so I guess Brubaker earned a fast script.

But Eaglesham is getting really sloppy here. He was always kind of weak on the series–way too glossy–but this issue, he’s given up on any detail.

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