Marvel Team-Up 143 (July 1984)

Michelinie being a competent writer aside, I really loathe nonsensical inter dimensional stories. Spidey and Starfox have to go into another dimension to figure out why Captain Marvel is all messed up.

So the two mismatched heroes (we know they’re mismatched because of Spidey’s constant thought balloons on the subject) meet these two warring tribes, one female, one male, and have to defeat the bad guys (the male tribe) to save Captain Marvel. Whew, long sentence.

But the journey doesn’t have any weight or wonderment–Spidey’s totally nonplussed at the strange alien world surrounding him… not to mention all the human inhabitants.

LaRocque’s art is better here than last issue, as there are nice panels and nice movement on Spidey, not to mention during the big fight scene. But it all feels a little too contrived and a little too dumb. Michelinie sells it, but only at cover price, no more.



Shifts and Planes; writer, Dave Michelinie; penciller, Greg LaRocque; inker, Mike Esposito; colorist, Christie Scheele; letterer, Diana Albers; editors, Bob DeNatale and Danny Fingeroth; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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