Marvel Team-Up (1972) #142


Michelinie writes a good issue here. Ten pages in and he’s had two action sequences, one for Spidey, one for Captain Marvel; it feels like you’re spending the day with the characters. Not in some fun sense, rather as though Michelinie is approximating real time in summary. It’s impressive pacing and it makes up for some of the weaker expository moments.

The only real problem is the artwork–LaRocque’s Peter Parker is some kind of awful, though it’s hard to dislike the scene too much… since it’s got a nice mention of Milt Caniff. It’s the kind of reference I don’t remember ever seeing in a Marvel comic.

The real strength of the comic is Captain Marvel. From what I’ve seen of her appearances in this era, the character always manages to rise above bad writing. So with a solid script, like here, she’s fantastic.

It’s a good, readable superhero outing.

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