Chew (2009) #3


So I think I’m starting to understand how Layman’s using the bird flu. It’s his subplot. Instead of an actual subplot, he’s got this big political situation going on. In some ways, serialized television has ruined comic books. It’s funny since it’s been around since the eighties at least (“Hill Street”) but only got “popular” with hipsters when HBO started doing it.

Of course, comics have been serialized storytelling since… well, at least the sixties. So instead of being informed by, say, Stan Lee’s Spider-Man pacing, Layman is informed by “Lost.”

There’s something very wrong with that equation… it’s like trying to make chicken piccata based on a microwave dinner instead of referring to a chicken piccata recipe.

That fundamental disconnect aside, Chew‘s a solid book. It amuses. It has a likable protagonist, engaging artwork and it only costs three bucks an issue. Those features make it an attractive read.

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