Chew (2009) #2


I like how Layman uses his letters page to crap mouth DC. It really defines the audience for the book. He wastes half an issue on the incredibly stupid office politics–turns out the FDA has violent bullies running the place (think Gene Hunt but without caring about justice)–and then makes a crack about DC ruining Wildstorm in his letter column. Maybe next issue he’ll crack a New Coke.

Besides some of the idiotic details–like the boss, like the ninjas, like the chicken ban–Chew‘s a decent comic book. It takes a while to read. Even though the present action is limited (here it’s a day), it’s a full day. The comic is a solid procedural.

It’s only the second issue and Layman has no subplots yet so it’s still hard to tell how the comic’s going to shape up. Layman recovered from the atrocious FDA office scene, so anything is possible.