Chew (2009) #1


I imagine creator Layman will be able to get Hollywood to option Chew, but turning it into a movie or TV show will be somewhat problematic. I’d heard the concept–protagonist Tony Chu (get it, Chu? The book’s full of those) gets a psychic read off things he chews, including people–but, so far, the selling point is Layman’s humor and Guillory’s art. Guillory manages to embrace the quirkiness, but not go overboard. It’s set in reality, just one with some visually funny stuff (the absurdly overweight federal agent).

Unfortunately, Layman’s over thought the ground situation–in the world of Chew, chicken has been outlawed following a bird flu epidemic (this development has nothing to do with the protagonist’s superpower, so why complicate things?).

This issue is just a setup. Since it gives no indication of the format the comic will take… it’s hard to be optimistic or otherwise. Guillory’s a find, though.