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Red: Victoria (November 2010)


So the one screenwriter writes a great tie-in comic and the other (they’re brothers too) writes a crappy one? Did Wildstorm just put out whatever the filmmakers wanted?

This comic will make almost no sense to anyone who hasn’t seen the movie… and if the reader has seen the movie, he or she will wonder why they bothered. Actually, if you haven’t seen the movie, don’t read this comic book. It’s a huge spoiler. So if you want to see Red avoid this comic like the plague.

One of the big problems besides it spoiling a plot point in the movie is how bad Hoeber writes the British. Maybe it’s Hahn’s art–but cartoony art didn’t hurt Queen & Country (though it’s in color here, which probably does–no, I think it’s Hoeber. He doesn’t have a feel for it at all.

I’m trying to think of a positive comment, but… no.

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  1. Movie tie in comics have generally been done as hack work, and they’ve sold equally well. I guess Wildstorm is trying to justify it’s existence within the DC mold, as there really seems to be little reason to even publish these books. Nobody is even talking about Red here at the shop, and no one seems to have even noticed we’re not carrying them. Harumph!

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