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Red: Marvin (November 2010)


Here’s how you do a movie tie-in comic–well, first, it doesn’t hurt one of the screenwriters is writing it–but it has to do with something in the movie. It’s not just some tale from the past, it’s a very specific tale and one referenced in the movie. The comic also provides some further context for the relationships in the movie. It’s a great little addition.

But as a comic, not specifically a movie tie-in comic, it’s also very solid.

Hoeber has a beginning, middle and end to the comic, which is still fast paced–so fast there’s occasional confusion. It feels like a story, not just a gimmick.

It doesn’t hurt Olmos is really loose on the likenesses. There’s no attempt to make the characters look like John Malkovich and Bruce Willis. One’s crazy looking guy, the other’s bald.

By being a perfect movie tie-in, the comic becomes its own thing.

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