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Solomon Kane (2008) #2


I’m not sure I can think of another comic book as reread-unfriendly as Solomon Kane. Allie’s script is all geared for the revealing the mystery. Nothing interesting happens along the way, just the setups for the various cliffhangers.

I suppose Kane not being a particularly dynamic character has something to do with, but he’s also a lame protagonist. He’s a holier-than-thou know-it-all who doesn’t even properly identify the bad guy in the story.

He’d be more interesting as a vampire.

As for the art, Guevara starts the issue a little bit better but it quickly descends into shoddiness. He’s got multiple panels, close-ups on characters, where it’s clear the art work isn’t, first, not inked pencils and, second, not even a complete drawing.

It looks like Dark Horse was trying to find the poverty row Cary Nord.

They succeeded.

Gravity alone moves the book.

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  1. And don’t forget those really ugly John Cassady covers. Boy, he’s just hackin’ it out these days…I guess it’s hard to turn down good money.

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