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Herogasm (2009) #5


This issue’s very confusing. First, Ennis wasn’t clear enough before about Hughie’s interaction with Black Noir. I think that name’s right. But it was a lot more traumatic than I thought.

Second, McCrea and Burns don’t draw Hughie well. Forget Simon Pegg, he looks exactly like the Frenchman here. Made he and Butcher’s scene awkward.

Third–and foremost, I suppose–there’s something up with the colorist. Or I missed the joke. The Homelander–he’s the Superman stand-in–is trying to pull one over on the company man and gets him a hooker to distract him. Except the hooker’s clothes and hair keep reversing in color. It seems like it’s part of the story, but it’s apparently not.

Otherwise, it’s a decent enough issue. Ennis self-indulgently spends too much time on the debauchery, but good character moments for Annie and the Wonder Woman stand-in make up for it.

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